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Matt’s June 15, 2022 Missions Update

Pastor’s Retreat Connections

This week I had the privilege of attending one day of the pastor’s retreat alongside many of the pastors from Manitoba. I am amazed by these Godly leaders that have such a deep passion for their congregations. My favourite part of these gatherings are the impromptu connections that happen when you are hanging out having fun, eating and hearing one another’s stories.

A lot of my work is spent helping to create discipleship programs that I hope will transform lives of people and call them into a deeper relationship with Christ which spills out into mission in their communities. Each of these programs are with these people for a long term discipleship process. They experience the high, lows, and silences as they continue to call their congregations to Jesus. I feel so blessed to be able to connect and support these pastors. The partnerships that we have been able to form is so important because a one time discipleship program will quickly be lost if there is not the ongoing leadership of these pastors and nurturing from these churches.

I love being able to adventure alongside these pastors and this day at the retreat we were able to explore the Old Pinawa Dam, see a bear and its cubs (from the car), swing on the suspension bridge, and raft down the river. Now I am looking forward to the discipleship adventure that we continue to walk together, not only for the congregations or participants on programs but also ourselves as we challenge one another in our own walks with Jesus.

Impact Award

Do you know someone in University/ College or someone planning to go next year and you think they would be great at brining the gospel to their campus please connect with me.

We have more Impact Awards to be able to give out this year and needing students that are interested in entering their campus as a missionary. This reward is for $2000 and we have seen evidence over the last year how this can help students stay engaged with the church, grow in their faith with a supportive community on campus and be able to share the gospel.

More information/Application for the Impact Award