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Clifford’s March 2020 Missions Update

elder James Clifford

March 2020

Trusting God during challenging times.

I trust this update finds you and your family well today

The World has changed- But God has not!
For many of us the world has changed since COVID19. New realities like Social distancing, Isolation, and toilet paper chaos have changed us forever. The way we meet as a Church has had to change as well. Many are experiencing live streams church services and small groups for the first time. Working from home and families spending more time together- playing games, sharing meals and having more conversations with loved ones have been positive.

In spite of all that is going on in the world, we have so much to thank God for. We are thankful to live in Saskatchewan, have enough food each day, and shelter. We have good health, and currently everyone is getting along for the most part. We have found a greater focus on God’s word, worship and prayer. We are meeting as a YFC family daily for prayer and our church meetings are focusing more on prayer than business.

Online Evangelism
The entire organization of YFC globally has moved to Online Evangelism. I am thankful for the opportunity God has given us to help nations, and chapter find tools to interact with youth online. We are seeing church youth groups and YFC groups doing their meetings on Zoom, Instagram and Google. We are seeing more nations using video stories to share God’s love with kids.

– YFC Italy- their regions hit hard with sickness- working with their team to continue to build tools to reach youth.
-YFC Missionaries- prayer for funding and support- many of our supporters are effected by the virus and laid off. We are hoping we do not have to lay off YFC staff in Canada.
-Youth- many youth have too much time on their hands these days. Pray God will continue to turn their hearts to Jesus.
-YFC- all conferences, travel are cancelled for 2020. Challenging times for us all.
-All our kids have been laid off- Praise- Dena is working from home.
-Dena’s knee- Dena blew out her knee 4 weeks ago. Pray for healing, had MRI but everything is on hold.

Partnership Development
God continues to supply our needs as HE is our Jehovah Jireh- “means God provides” Dena and I desire that each of you to make God your Jehovah Jireh during these troubling times. God promises to provide for His people because He is a Loving Father who gives gifts to his children. Seek after Christ first and all these things will be added to you. If God is asking to support our mission with YFC, Please CLICK HERE.

On the Homefront:
The Clifford family is together in Regina practicing isolation. Zane arrived on March 20 from Vancouver after work shut down. Dena was off school on March 19 and will continue to work from home. Bronwyn is finishing her final two UofR class online and will graduate sometime this year. Gabe continues to work with the youth group at church. Abby is working on her online course through High School. I continue to work from home. We are finding time to go for walks, bike rides and sharing meals together.

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