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Letter from the Funks – All’s Well That Ends Well

Dear friends at Parliament Community Church,

Many thanks for your faithfulness in standing behind and beside us with all your prayers and giving over the past 34 years. You have blessed us and enabled us to bless others. Someday in heaven, l would love to introduce you to brothers and sisters, whom you have impacted, although you have never seen them. We will celebrate God’s goodness together. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you in Regina – hopefully in fall.

See the letter below regarding our present plans and your financial support. You can also download it as a PDF by clicking here.


All’s Well That Ends Well

In German we have a saying, “Ende gut – alles gut”, which I believe translates into “all’s well that ends well”. After 34 years, we have come to the end phase of our ministry in Austria and Europe with Multiply (MB Mission). Lord willing, we will board an airplane on April 5th for our return to Saskatoon, where we plan to retire.


Ending Well

Ending well would normally include goodbyes with lots of hugs and tears – but with current COVID regulations, there won’t be hugs. The tears are already present, even as I write these lines.

Ending well includes leaving your house in order. All bills paid, everything sorted, packed, shipped, items sold or donated, and garbage properly sorted and disposed. Hundreds of little details to attend to. It also includes attending to the “unexpected” of replacing a computer that overheated and replacing the car brakes. We are currently in the midst of this.

Ending well includes giving you, our prayer and financial supporters, the big thanks for your faithfulness and to inform you of our next plans. Without you, we could never have survived! With you, we have thrived! We are totally blessed.



Transition for us: With current COVID regulations, we will likely quarantine for two weeks in Saskatoon, in a townhouse we recently purchased. Soon after we return to Canada, we will officially join many others living off their pension cheques. It doesn’t seem wise to visit churches and supporters until the fall months. We look forward to those times – hopefully complete with hugs! We have often jokingly said that we will enroll in language and culture classes as so much will have changed. We will connect with you again, once we have a Canadian cell phone to arrange for an occasion, when we can express our thanks in person.

Transition for you: we would greatly appreciate your continued prayer support as we transition to life in North America. However, as of April 30th you may discontinue your financial support. We are asking that you as ministry partners complete your giving to our personal project code (C0041) by April 30, 2021. If you are making auto withdrawals, the last withdrawal will be April 30th. If you are donating by credit card, please make the necessary changes with your credit card company. We have been assured that there will thus be enough funds to close-off our account. As you have blessed us, and enabled us to bless others in Austria, Europe and beyond – may you begin new waves of blessing others.


Many thanks for your faithfulness,

Richard and Hazel Funk