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Helliwell’s September 2021 Missions Update

Nick and Vivian Helliwell

Suddenly, it’s September.

I am lamenting all the things that I said I would do this summer and never got a chance:

Install a real driveway. – no time, no money, no help; but actually, it was a blessing since the city came and did the curbs and repaved the street. Sasktel came along to install fiber optic cable in our neighborhood, which means that if I had a real driveway like all my neighbors, it would have gotten torn up – not once, but twice! Thank God and maybe next year.

Take a Road trip – Vancouver, Manitoba, the States, Edmonton, Montreal or Toronto, Nope. no can do. We enter our second year of Covid and I, for one, am tired of it and wishing I could…

Spend more time enjoying the company of those around us. There simply is never enough time…

What did we do this summer? We had a wonderful BBQ in the park for Eva’s memorial. And we did get down to White Bear First Nations this summer three times and had some wonderful visits as well as meaningful outreach and built some lasting memories. The kids did actually go to the lake this summer a number of times without us.

Had a round of golf with the men of Westhill Park Baptist Church. I am proud to say that I finished 9 holes with one ball!! First time ever! I had another round of 18 holes with my grandson, Joshua. No, I will not admit to how many balls we lost. (My sincere apologies to the owners of the houses I hit!)

We bought our very first out-of -the-box, some-assembly-required, brand new Blackstone BBQ (actually, it’s a grill.) Love it! So, all in all, not a bad summer really. And suddenly, it’s September.

What a week! Enrolled 5 kids (Jordan, Jayden, Serenity, Kashis, and Alexah) all in Online Learning again. I got all their computers set up and ready to go on Wednesday, but wouldn’t you know it – Thursday morning, Serenity goes to turn on her laptop and poof! – nothing. Had a fast trip to Staples to buy a brand new Chromebook. We got through today with no further mishaps.

So here we are: 3:30, Friday, September 4th. Looking ahead to a busy September:

Journey Through the Bible Discipleship course resumes again tomorrow at 1:00. You are welcome to join us if you like. Just click the link above or you can click this link to watch on Facebook.

Brothers In the Hood bible study starts again Tuesday evenings at a new location above Pass the Word, 715 Victoria Ave, here in Regina. (Used to be Options Pregnancy Centre)

Amidst all the things we lament and will miss about this past summer, I pray that the days ahead are filled with God’s grace, provision and mercy for you and your loved ones.