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Helliwell’s November 2020 Missions Update

Nick and Vivian Helliwell

Covid Disruptions

The Chaplains got sent home from the prison again last Monday. While we were a little better prepared this time, it was still sudden and unexpected. We had just started doing Chapel services again, and I had gone in on Sunday until 3:00PM. Apparently it was right after that the decision was made to send us home again.   I got the call on Monday morning to not come in. We have cell phones, we have written letters, we have posted notices – so we are a little better prepared this time around, but with no hands on, there is very little to do.

I have filled in the time writing, singing, reading, studying and I even a little painting. Not the home décor painting either. My wife took me down to Michaels and bought me some brushes and canvases and told me to spend some time painting. I haven’t painted pictures for years, but it was such a blessing to be able to spend a few hours dipping and dabbing.

The kids are still in school doing online learning. Because our living room and kitchen are their classrooms, I spend most of my days downstairs with the ol’ ‘putersaurus tapping away at the keyboard. I only get to sing when they are either all done school or they are all gone from the house. The most recent book I have been reading is Give Your Worship by Elias Lenge. Yes, I am reading and learning about songwriting. I certainly have no aspirations to quit my day job!


Journey Through the Bible

My first book is published, packaged and ready to go. Journey Through the Bible is a 42-week

discipleship course to help group leaders disciple a group through the Bible. Individual workbooks are $11.00 each and the Leader’s guide is $15.00. I also have a package deal of 10 Participant workbooks and 1 Leader’s Guide now available for $115.00. You can order them through me right now or they will be available online as soon as I figure out how to do that. How’s that for a plug?

I have started on another book, but it is still in the outline stage so It won’t be ready for some time yet.


Christmas Preparations

While I am keeping busy during my time at home, I am praying that I will be back to work before Christmas. In the meantime, Christmas is the focus right now. There is certainly plenty to do. Cards need to be mailed, letters need to be written, etc. Preparations for the season don’t get any easier just because I am at home.

Vivian and the kids have their routines down pat and my job is just to stay out of their way right now. We are all healthy and happy and looking forward to celebrating the Lord’s birthday as I am sure you are as well, whatever that may look like for all of us this year.

Let me close by saying thank you once again for all your prayers and support. Many Blessings on you and your loved ones as you prepare for the coming holidays. May you also find time to spend doing the things that make your life rich and full.


With Love in Christ,

Nick Helliwell