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Helliwell’s May 2022 Missions Update

Hi there Parliament,

So this update is more about the tools used to carry on our ministry than about what is happening in our ministry.

Praise the Lord – I was able to upgrade to Office 2021 for free through a  program that Rising Above accessed. BUT I had to upgrade to windows 10 first. My computer was running windows 7 pro which they stopped updating 2 years ago.  I have been making do ever since: It is still pretty impressive: Dual processors and Hard drives: 1 TB & 500 GB HD and 500 GB Ram!  I would hate to have to sell it or lose it, even if it is well over 10 years old! BUT you cannot install Office 2021 on Windows 7 – at all. So, Windows 7 Pro needs to be completely wiped first. I started on the process – got EVERYTHING off it and then wiped it, and then found out I would have to buy windows 10.(big $ – I can’t afford right now)

Praise the Lord – since the kids have moved out, there is a computer that has Windows 10 – Just needed to reset it to get rid of the kid’s account, So, reset it, got the Windows 10 back up; then, Praise the Lord, I managed to download Office and get it up and running. BUT I need to upgrade the memory for it to run properly. Praise the Lord for all the things that computers can do – when they are running properly. BUT They are a pain when things get bogged down. Took me a week just to print some more business cards, because of all this mess. Yesterday, I spent 5 hours on that alone! Online work is fine – I can do that BUT documents, budgets, pictures and video – forget it!

Please pray for me as I look to solve this:

  1. Buy a new computer entirely.
  2. Upgrade the ram on the one I inherited from the kids.
  3. Buy windows 10 for my older computer.

Option 3 is actually what I would like to do, because the old computer still has good hardware as I said above, also a nice big screen comfortable keyboard. And I have used it for over 10 years!

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Until I get the situation solved, I will just have to keep plodding along as best I can.

Praying for big things!

Nick Helliwell