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Helliwell’s March Missions Update

Hello Parliament,

Vivian and I are helping a brother in the Lord, whom we have been mentoring for quite a number of years. His name is Tyrone, and he is facing significant financial challenges as he seeks to establish a stable, safe home for his two children. I have mentioned him in our ministry updates in the past and I am asking if you can pray for him in this time of difficulty.

Because of changes during Covid, and policy changes of government agencies involved in the situation, and, by his own admission of self-reliant pride, he is facing his current financial crisis. If you could specifically pray for doors that need to be opened to him be opened and that he would have favor in the eyes of the people and authorities to alleviate the situation, this would be very much appreciated. Some of the factors involved arise out of his past, (he has a criminal record), but also that he is a single male with two toddler age children in his care. The mother has charges pending and currently has issues that make her unfit as a parent and a detrimental influence in Tyrone’s situation.

In spite of all that, we are humbly grateful that a band of Brothers came together today to discuss this situation and propose short term and long term plans for Tyrone. As the meeting closed, and these brothers laid their hands on Tyrone to pray over him and for him, I was blessed myself to witness and be a part of such a strong testimony of God’s kingdom working.

As one of the brothers observed, no man is meant to stand alone, but that the men of the kingdom are meant to come together and help one another. It was such a privilege to be a part of that.

So we are believing that God is able to do immeasurably more than all that we ask or can imagine for Tyrone and this whole situation, which one the surface seems so big and such a mess, but which, for God and His Kingdom is easily solved.

So as you hold Tyrone up in prayer, praise God also for His grace and goodness as well as a testimony to His Kingdom working in the midst.

With Gratitude, Blessing and Love in Christ, upon whom all our hope is fixed.

Nick and Vivian Helliwell