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Helliwell’s July’s 2021 Missions Update

Nick and Vivian Helliwell

Got my new hearing aids on Tuesday July 27th. Still adjusting to all the noise!

Our son Murray is walking with a walker now and just today told us that he went up and down the stairs.

We are shopping to get him some new clothes that are several sizes smaller than what he used to wear.

The doctors and nurses are very impressed with his recovery and he is awaiting transfer to Wascana Rehab Centre.  It has been a very long journey for all of us.  He started going downhill back in November of 2020, he moved into our house in March so that we could help him and then finally went into the hospital May 21st.  By then, he was in such bad shape that we almost lost him.  All of this happened around the time of year our daughter Eva’s passed away.

We had Eva’s fourth memorial this past Saturday, the 24th.  It was very good and we were blessed to have about 50 people attend a feast in her honor in Wascana Park.

I am putting the final touches on my music book project which I started about 3 years ago.  Expressions Of A Healing Heart should be ready for publishing by September 1st and will be available online and in print.  I hope to be able to provide copies of both it and Journey Through the Bible Discipleship Course study kits to each of the Prison Chaplaincy offices in Saskatchewan.

I am also honored to have signed a contract as a regular contributor to Promise Keepers/Impactus today.  I have contributed several articles and am pleased that I have been asked to submit more.

In the Spirit of Reconciliation

All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation. ~2 Corinthians 5:18

It is summer once again and that means ministry on Vivian’s home reserve of Whitebear First Nations.  We have made several trips down there so far this summer and will be headed down there for the weekend today actually!  For many years Vivian and I faced quite a bit of opposition to any of our attempts to reach out with the love of Jesus Christ in that community.  Eventually things began to open up for us and in 2007 we had our first Whitebear Prayer Walk with many friends, supporters and our Healing Hearts family joining us for a 10km walk through the reserve.  Today, we are often asked to pray and bless gatherings and in turn we often host prayer breakfasts, feasts and cookouts.  It’s a tremendous amount of work but extremely rewarding.

Once again, we want to thank everyone who so faithfully stands behind us in support and prayer.

May God be glorified!

With Love in Christ, Upon Whom All Our Hopes are Set,

Nick and Vivian Helliwell