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Helliwell’s April 2021 Missions Update

Nick and Vivian Helliwell

I was sitting outside on the back steps as the sun went down yesterday on Good Friday.  The kids were all sitting down by the fireplace, an incessant chattering, and laughing. The air was calm, quiet, just beautiful.  Not too cold, not too hot, no bugs.  It was perfect.

After the Good Friday service at the church (see it onFacebook here), our family of 11 shared communion at home, delighted to use Vivian’s bannock as the element of bread.  On Maundy Thursday, following our tradition, we had gathered the kids to share the story of the Last Supper and commit ourselves to a 1 day fast, so Friday’s supper was very much anticipated and wonderful.

With so much on my plate the past week, I was so grateful to be able to take a break.  I spent Friday reading the four gospel accounts of the Passion and Resurrection.  It has been a very refreshing weekend for me.

I have been working on technical changes to my website, my website hosting service, my email service.  Stuff that you will hardly see or notice but oh my what headaches!

Plowing through tech jargon trying to decipher every single word to try and figure out what in the world step 2 of 4 is talking about!  For example, does anyone know what a CNAME is, or where to find one, or how to change one, or what happens when you change it?

It takes so much time and energy and patience…

Kristian is getting ready to graduate and wants to enroll in driver training.  He needed my help to apply for his ID.  Birth certificate, SGI…

Adrienne is applying for post-secondary assistance so she can go to University in the fall.  She needs help sending all the forms in.  As well as getting all the necessary documentation for her son, Malakai such as his treaty number and band registration.

Taxes.  My taxes, Vivian’s taxes, Adrienne’s taxes, Kienan’s taxes, Amanda’s taxes, Kristian’s taxes, and Joshua’s taxes.  I am soooo grateful for the help I got with all of them!

Translating the bible while learning Cree.  That takes a lot of concentration!

I am also starting to get more involved at the jail again as they start putting things in place to get the chaplains back.

And finally, I was honored to be invited to participate in a Truth and Reconciliation Circle through the Saskatchewan MCC.

So I have a lot going on, but the truth is, I think I like it that way.  Pushing everything aside to spend the day just soaking in God’s Word, His Grace, His Provision, His Presence…  It’s almost a preview of heaven.  When everything in this world is put aside and he welcomes us Home.  The warmth of His love shining down on us, incessant praise, joy, and laughter.  Not too hot, not too cold – perfect temperature; and no bugs!

I will push on.  press on. give it everything I’ve got.  Because while everything I do may not be related to the Gospel, but everything I do is for the Gospel.

But just this weekend,  I will take a small break.

Vivian and I praise the Lord for our home, our family and all that He has provided for us.

We praise Him that all of our household is healthy and happy.

We do ask for prayer for our son Murray who had a heart attack late February.  This is now the 6th week of us caring for him in our living room as he is unable to climb stairs, and is not very mobile.  He is on the mend however he is diabetic and right now needs around the clock care.

Others in our extended family need prayer as well.  Derek and his 2 daughters have all tested positive with Covid.

My brother Blair needs prayer as well, as his fiance suddenly passed away, and he is in hospital.  I have been unable to talk to him since this happened.


Thank you for your prayers and support,

Have a Blessed Easter Weekend.

Nick & Vivian Helliwell


Update on Derek (received April 6, 2021)

We got word today on Derek on Facebook Messenger. He is in the ICU and the report is that if he cannot clear his lungs, he will be put on life support. His two daughters are also very sick. This is the B.1.1.7 variant of the virus spreading across southern Saskatchewan to which younger adults seem much more vulnerable.
All the more reason to keep our bubbles small and strong.
Many years ago, when we came to the Lord, Derek was very skeptical because he knew what we were like. Once, when we met him downtown and had a brief talk with him about our newfound faith, he said, “Ah, you’ll be back.” As he walked away, Vivian said out loud with faith and vigor, “Lord, I claim him for you in the name of Jesus!” And that was that. It was quite a few months later we saw Derek again… at a Tent Meeting!  He saw us, pointed his finger at us and just laughed.
Coming over he shared how he had given his heart to Jesus Christ.
To this day, he continues to look to us for mentorship, and prayer. Hearing of his faith in this time as he struggles through – well, it is really hard to know how to feel. I know a lot of people feel the same way.  Watching faithful people struggle so and in isolation. It is such a helpless feeling, and yet you don’t want to give in to that. You want to have faith, to be encouraged and to be encouraging. It is a really tough place to be. If your faith cannot help you at times like these, then your faith is no good at all. And faith is the evidence of things you can not see.
Lord, strengthen our faith and that of your saints, to carry us high above the storm that surrounds us and threatens our homes and families. Help us to soar on the wind of your Holy Spirit. Teach us to wait upon you Lord. May your Word in us help to run and not grow weary, to walk and not faint. And Lord, raise up a testimony of your goodness and grace upon such as Derek, whatever your will be. Now is the time Lord, to see your Glory. May you be Glorified in all your Saints in all the Earth.