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Giesbrecht’s November 2020 Mission Update

Triangle Park “Church”

What we’re seeing in the park is amazing!  I feel that if I told people they wouldn’t believe me!

Have you ever seen a church without walls, roof, planning or any apparent organization? I, Cory, witnessed this over the past three months as I joined with an evangelism team that was led to start meeting in Triangle Park in the poor Nishinari district.

It began with a dream about roses – roses that were beautifully packaged, but were in a garbage bin. The wrong place for these beautiful roses! There was an urgent call to take these roses out of the garbage bin and bring them to the banquet hall, for the tables of the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Therefore, we have been sharing the good news and praying with the people that come to the Triangle Park, believing that the Holy Spirit is leading and that He has a plan. Not only have we seen eight baptisms in three months with more on the way, but we have also seen healing and deliverance, sometimes leading to an insatiable appetite for God and His Word! Sometimes, their newfound faith does not appear to take root; but other times, it immediately bears fruit with people inviting friends and acquaintances to the park.  People who would never enter a religious building get to hear the good news of the living Jesus in their own setting.

You may have questions about such a church. I have questions too; but seeing it in operation is pretty life changing!


Evangelism Trip

Two weeks ago I got to go on my first-ever evangelism trip! I joined a different team of evangelists (Team Jesus!) on a trip to the Tokyo area. We had the privilege of seeing several people believe in Christ. One of them had been planning on committing suicide that day. We got to pray with a lot of Jesus-followers as well and several of them found freedom or received healing. The motto of this team is “The harvest is good!  The gospel is good! Come on, harvesters!”.  They also say, “It’s God’s job to gather the people; it’s just our job to go!”

At the end of the trip, we got to encourage a young man named Yutaka Nakajima who has received a vision for church-planting in Chiba. He is the eldest of nine children of a Japanese MB pastor.

We had the honor of sharing the gospel with 400 children at the kindergarten where he works and the privilege of joining in with his weekly outreach at the local train station.


Praise Items

  • Thankful for new baby Christians and a growing park church.
  • Thankful that the evangelism trip went well.
  • Thankful that our health has been protected.


Prayer Items

  • Pray for more chances to preach on the streets.
  • Pray that God would send people to us who are seeking Jesus.
  • Pray for more opportunities to disciple those who have chosen to follow Jesus and/or get baptized.
  • Pray for a foster son (5 years old) joining our family around Christmas time.


I want to invite you out into the harvest fields where Jesus is working. The harvest is good!


Thank you for praying,

Cory and Masami