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Funk’s February 2021 Missions Update

Song in Your Heart

“Making music to the Lord in your hearts.” ~Eph. 5:19b

How often do you wake up at night and have a song in your heart? I love when this happens. A few weeks ago, the old hymn ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus was stuck in my head. “Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him, how I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er…” kept “singing” in my heart when I woke up at night.


Praise Items:

  • Many years of learning to trust in God’s all knowing, perfect timing and faithfulness.
  • Meeting with our Open Hearts participants on-line, and hearing their steps of healing as well as the challenges they are going through after attending the last course (the face-to-face meeting planned for January 9th did not happen because of lockdown).
  • Churches that are so creative in their online worship services by developing ways to stay in touch and pray for each other.
  • The many memories of our past 34 years. We have both worked through our offices and scanned through the many seminars, sermons, church camps and devotionals that we have prepared over these years.
  • Our prayer and financial supporters who have walked with us.
  • Austria is slowly opening the schools and stores on February 8th. We will be able to visit with one other household at a time and go for testing regularly.


Prayer Items:

  • This weekend we will visit the Vienna church, the first one of five, to say our goodbyes. It makes us sad to know we will be speaking only to the ones who record the service. This is not how we planned our goodbyes.
  • That our Austrian leaders retreat might still be able to happen on March 19-21. We would love to say our goodbyes there (January plan did not happen).
  • For Multiply (MB Mission), as the board searches for a new general director.
  • Our container will be packed and shipped on March 23-24. Pray for God’s perfect timing. We are hoping its arrival in Saskatoon will not conflict with our quarantine requirements.
  • For our minds and heart as we navigate our work here, sort things in the apartment through tears, and make decisions in regards to settling into our Saskatoon home.


We are doing well.  There are days when we feel discouraged, but usually only one of us is in this state of mind at a time. So that is good!! “Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him.”