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Funk’s April 2021 Missions Update

Thank you so much, for all your prayers and notes of encouragement!!  God answered one prayer after another.


  • We cleaned out our apartment in Leonding, Austria, exactly one month ago.  All went smoothly.
  • During the last week in Austria, we stayed with our children and made many wonderful memories!! This did not make the goodbyes easier, though!!
  • It was so good to visit all our churches, face to face, even though there were fewer people there because of restrictions. Our times together were so meaningful, and God was honored!! About 25 people from the Linz church came to say goodbye, in the early morning of April 5th!  We felt so loved!!
  • We said our goodbyes to all our work colleagues (Member Care) via Zoom calls.
  • Through all of the travelling and quarantining, we have stayed healthy. Our three days in Toronto in a hotel were good. We had our first vaccination right after getting out of quarantine!!
  • We love our new home. Our children here gave us a wonderful welcome. They have spoiled us!!
  • We are sleeping well! What a gift.
  • Our home church welcomed us back this past Sunday. We feel so blessed.


Thank you for praying:

  • That our personal belongings will make it across the ocean. As far as we know, the container is still waiting to be loaded onto a ship. The date they have given us for it to arrive,  is May 25th.
  • Our head tells us that this was the right timing for a big transition like this. Our hearts haven’t quite caught up yet. Please pray that we will grieve well and not push those feelings of confusion and numbness away.
  • For our new neighbours around us. One of them just washed down our front verandah and is now scrubbing down the back deck!! It is a joy for us to get to know them.
  • Wisdom in knowing who to visit and when. There are still restrictions here and we want to honor them. Yet, as everyone, we yearn to meet freely with family and friends!


We want you all to know how much we appreciate you and your prayers on our behalf.  May God really bless you and keep you!

Hazel & Richard Funk