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Caylea’s September 2022 Missions Update

Keeping Up with Caylea

Since moving to Big River, it has been a very busy season of life. My new roles with the camp are “Cleaning Co-ordinator” and “Girl’s LIT Leader”. After a full summer of cleaning/mentoring girls, I was happy to receive the “golden plunger award” – the unofficial award my boss gave me after many toilets that had to be dealt with by yours truly! Overall, it is incredible to be at this new place and God has brought so many blessings my way.

The staff here are incredibly people who have been so encouraging to me as I made this big change this year. I wouldn’t have wanted to work with anyone else doing seven weeks of camp. Camp is such a fun place to work as the pictures often highlight but those pictures don’t capture the very real battle that it is too. Many tears, sickness and dark days are also a reality when working at camp. I had weeks where my LIT’s kept leaving and I didn’t know why. The pain of watching young people choosing to walk away from God when you know He is the only hope to their struggles. Feeling sick after not getting enough sleep yet not wanting to slow down and miss anything. Constantly being a person others can lean on and bear burdens with, even when you yourself are also needing help and feeling weary. In all of the hardships that come, God never left us and carried us through to the end.

With that being said, I am now taking some time to rest before we enter into conference season with more interviews for social media. I was able to have a trip to Alberta and get away from camp for a week. Throughout the summer, I also had many visits with friends. a wedding, a Rider game with my team and many trail rides. I am excited for the many new experiences I get to have this year and wouldn’t be able to continue on without you, my supporters. Thank you!

Yays and Nays

  • Praise God for all the kids/staff who heard the Gospel this summer.
  • Pray for a place to open up for me to live in Big River.
  • Pray for rest as I recover from a full summer and still processing all the changes this year.