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Caylea’s June 2024 Missions Update

Keeping Up with Caylea

What does a typical day look like for Caylea Selke? This is one of the hardest questions to answer! My life and responsibilities have looked a lot different this year than ever before and there is so much to juggle. Not one day looks fully the same as the next but I will try to give you an idea! Each morning is started with cereal, coffee and Bible reading. By this point I am cozied up on my couch, wood stove going and looking out the bright bay window in my living room. This comfortable spot makes it hard to want to leave so I end up pulling out my laptop and doing as much work from home as I can. This year I have been organizing all of the camps registration and staff applications. I am thrilled to say that at this moment we have over 80 kids registered for camp this summer! Once I have caught up on emails, social media posts and registrations I then walk or drive to the main building to do more active work. Even though I live on camp property I do drive to work some days! Raw next task is to assess the cleanliness of the camp. This could be a day after a rental had left and therefore the entire main place need to be cleaned OR if the main stuff us done already then I start to work an all the extra organizing that needs to be kept up. Throughout the day there is often many phone calls had with the Gabrielsons to make sure we are all up to speed on everything whether it’s new rental bookings, staff applications for the summer, septic tanks backed up or a sunny story to share about one of the Gabrielsons kids. With nicer weather these days I try to keep up with yard work in the evenings, go for a walk or run with friends or grab an ice cream at Pier 55!

With all that being said, life gets much different when we host rental groups and often we need to call for back-up. I was thankful to have my cousin Rachel drive up from Alberta to help me wash dishes for a week long rental. This specific group stays for most of the week and they are ladies from town who quilt all day. Although this is one of our busiest rentals it is nice that we are able to connect with people from the area and get them familiar with the camp.

It was Aldo a fun time when the camp got to host one week of Candidate Training for NCEM. My parents organize and do a lot of teaching so then I get to work and see family at the same time.

I do have some exciting news and answer to prayer that I waited for the end to share! We have a new staff family that joined us at BRBC. They came all the way from Germany with their 3 kids and so far we have enjoyed their company and having the extra help. This will make it easier to run a fuller camp season this year! I am looking forward to the 4 weeks of camp happening soon! If you want a day in the life of Caylea during camp season you will just have to come and see for yourself!

Yay’s and Nay’s (prayer items)

  • Praise God for a new staff family at camp
  • Praise God for Summer Camp coming together
  • Pray that many will be impacted by the gospel this summer
  • Pray for unity as we slowly grow the BRBC team