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Caylea’s March 2023 Missions Update

Happy 5 Years!

This spring hits the 5 year milestone of my time serving with NCEM! Thank you so much for sticking by me as I have navigated through many changes, travelled many miles, served a lot of youth, edited social media posts and now cleaning lots of bathrooms! I can only imagine how fast the next 5 years may go as I continue on in ministry and go where the Lord leads.

The best part about the past few years is God using what I love to do to serve Him and others. It has not always been easy but there are so many fun things I get to be a part of on the daily.

So what has been happening recently?

This winter I enjoyed going to missions conferences and sharing with the young students what NCEM is all about. Now that I have been going to these events for a while I have become a familiar face to many and continue to build on these potential partnerships.

The camp also hosted another staff retreat where we were able to have time with staff that served with us this past summer. They are always such a fun group and I am thankful for the trust being built amongst them as we continue to share Jesus with them.

In order to get to know the community better I have been very involved at the curling rink! Day one I met an older couple who used to curl in regina at the rink where my grandpa worked at for 30 years. This has been such a fun way to meet people and to get back into something I love. The curling committee has already asked if next season I would teach some clinics and get new curlers out on the ice. Very exciting!

Another great start to this new year was an opportunity for me that could not have come at a better time. I was able to spend a full week at Keith Retreat Centre in Manitoba. This time was spent with other people in ministry, who also needed a rest, lead by a host couple who provided great care and conversation to help us. I have always took control of taking care of myself and this time God wanted to take care of me.

Yay’s and Nay’s (Prayer Items)

  • Praise God for 5 years of serving NCEM and providing 80% of my support.
  • Praise God for an incredible week of rest at Kerith.
  • Pray for my housing situation as I still navigate where to live.
  • Pray that we would find the right staff to work this summer.