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Elder’s Board Meeting Update: November 26, 2020

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The following points were discussed during the November 25, 2020 Elder’s Board Meeting.

  • At the Elders Retreat on November 7, 2020, Ben Kramer shared the Discipleship Pathways document with us. There is valuable content in the document. We look forward to a continual process of wrestling with how we most effectively disciple one another at PCC.
  • The Elders Board discussed the many challenges associated with the pandemic we are in the midst of. Although there are diverse perspectives on these issues, we are nonetheless united in Christ. We need to have grace with each other and remain focused on our mission as a church. Difficult times present opportunities for growth and refining.
  • Ministries continue to shift as new COVID restrictions are announced. We are thankful for our pastoral staff and administrative assistant as they remain flexible and creative in carrying out their roles and responsibilities during these times. We will be encouraging people to send notes and/or cards to our staff to thank them for everything they have done this past year.