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Ministry Opportunities

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We’ve had several opportunities for ministry open up. We are looking for people to take on leadership in a variety of areas. We ask two things of you – please be in prayer that God leads the right people to the right role. Second, we ask you to consider if God is wishing to use you in one of these roles. If you are interested in possibly filling one of these positions, please let Pastor Mike or one of the elders know and we can discuss more fully what’s involved and whether it’s a fit. Each of the roles work as a part of a team. We do not want one person doing all the work! Each leadership role works as a part of the larger church ministry team and helping the church move forward in ministry.

Decorating Team

We’re looking for someone who will give leadership to decorating the church for the various seasons including decorating the stage throughout the year.  The person gives leadership but also uses a team to help them accomplish this.

Hosting Ministries Team Lead

We’re looking for someone to give leadership to this ministry that welcomes people into our church on Sunday mornings. The role oversees the hosting and ushers. Part of this role is scheduling and part of it is communicating, encouraging and giving guidance to those involved.  This role will be key as we return to having everyone in person again.

Hosting Ministries Team Member

We’re looking for individuals who wish to help be a part of our Sunday Morning host ministry. These individuals welcome new individuals, help people find the information they need, and are ‘the face’ of the church as people arrive.  They make sure that things needed on Sunday morning are done, but most importantly have the gift of hospitality as they make PCC a welcoming place.

Heritage Builders/55+ group

The previous leadership has decided it is time for new people to take on leadership.  This role helps nurture the social and spiritual well being of this group.  You don’t have to be a Heritage Builder to give leadership – you just need to have a love for those in the group and desire to invest in them.