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May 4, 2023

I have a whole mishmash of random thoughts  for my “Mike’s Musings” this week. So here goes…

It is crazy how our world can make a holiday out of anything. Today is May 4th – and Star Wars has turned it into “May the Fourth (Force)” be with you day. It’s a humorous day that helps sell Star Wars merchandise. Every day is a special day for something now. Today is also National Orange Juice Day, World Password Day, and of course the most coveted National Candied Orange Peel Day (I’m not making this up!). I think the challenge for us in the church is to keep our “special days” set apart and focussed on God. Christmas and Easter are two days that risk losing their meaning in the world if we as the church do not profess the truth of them.

Welcome to Chris Reimer in joining our Summer Staff. He’ll be heading up our Youth ministry for the summer and we’re excited to have him join us.

I’ve been reflecting on Communion. I’m really surprised no one has asked me for a long time when we’re going to get back to ‘real communion.’ During COVID people would comment that they couldn’t wait. Yet. here we are still using what we dubbed “COVID Cups,” though to be fair, they were well used in larger churches before COVID. So when will we get back to ‘real’ bread and cups of juice, when we have two families willing to prepare the bread and juice for us on a monthly basis? If you’re interested in this role, it is monthly for about an hour or less. Let me know.

I’m excited to have Pastor Phil speaking at our church this Sunday. Phil starts his sabbatical the following week. In addition, his wife Janine, will be speaking at our women’s retreat this weekend.  

It’s been exciting seeing such a diversity of new people exploring our church over the past month. We’re even hearing people saying that they are finding our church online; something I never heard the first year I was here. We’ve worked hard to get to this point.

So there are some of the random thoughts I had this week. Have a great week!

Grace and Peace,