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Transitional Ministry

This past year of 2017 has been a focus on transition. Our transition has been deeper than what the simple passing of time could produce. God has been moving us along His path.  We’ve enjoyed several opportunities to talk collectively and consider corporately what God has been saying to us. The links below will provide the written summaries of our conversations and conclusions. You are invited to review them once more - not simply to jog your memory - but to stir your heart towards hope.


Pastor Scott Tolhurst

We began with an assessment via a survey in which we echoed what we saw and felt about PCC. PCC's Survey Assessment  and PCC's Survey Summary can be found on that attached links.

We then created a Journey Wall to trace the finger of God throughout our history.

Here is a summary of that surveyed the observations made form our Journey Wall. "Listening to God:  Parliament Community Church"  March 3-4, 2017

In late April, we gathered to take inventory of God’s rich supply to PCC. Who has He given us? How has He shaped us? What is our stewardship? Where is our story pointing? Here is a summary of our conversations.

Table Talk Analysis

Table Talk #2

Every life, family and church has places of dissonance. There is space between what we want to be and what we are. Ignoring that space can lead to painful cycles or repetition. We were bold enough to look at our vulnerabilities. Here is a summary of what was said.


Table Talk #3

As our year approached an end, I offered a final report to offer hope and encouragement for our coming path. Here is a summary of my report.

Transitional Leader's Report

Transitional Leader's Presentation