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One of our goals and prayers as a church is that everybody who walks through our doors will be able to continually grow in their relationship with Christ and help their friends and family grow in Christ as well. And we strive to provide resources to help with that maturity. We are pleased to announce our partnership with RightNow Media (RNM), an online, user-friendly library for individuals in every age and stage of life.

With RightNow Media, you will find an array of wonderful, Bible-based content from Christian leaders throughout the world. You’ll find discipleship training videos ranging from topics such as parenting and marriage to finance and mission, and a great library for kids. We pray that you will take advantage of this incredible online resource that is free of charge for all those who both call PCC their home and for all those who visit us.

Check out PCC's Library to see material that Quest Groups, Rooted Kids, ParliamentYouth, PCC families, groups and individuals are using and enjoying.


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