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Here is a simple way to meet and get to know one another at PCC.  You'll find out that night who is coming for dinner! Groupings will be 5-7 adults or 2 -3 families.

Sign up, show up and have a great time.

Print off a copy of the pdf to your right, fill it out, and bring it to the church, scan and e-mail it to us, or call us and we can fill it out over the phone.

The first dates are:

March 28, March 29, April 4 or April 5

The second dates are:

June 27, June 28, July 4, July 5

You can host both times, be guests both times, or choose to do one of each.

Hosts will know how many adults and children are coming to dinner, but they won't know who is coming for dinner until they arrive.

Make sure that you mark if you have any food or pet allergies on the form.