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PCC Elders

The Elders Board consists of:

  • Chairperson - Rita Mae Braun
  • Vice Chairperson - Dave Reddekopp
  • Members at Large - Rick Ashton, Jared Wiens

Elder Meeting Summary For January 29, 2018

The elders meet for prayer for an hour every Sunday prior to the EB meeting.

Dave R opened the Jan. 29th meeting in prayer. 

The Missions Mobilization Team submitted a revised policy for review and approval which updates the policy and introduces a more considered process for global worker partnerships.  Over the last few years the process to bring new partnerships on board has been observed to be a bit more ad hoc and it was the desire of the committee to add a bit more consistency to the process.  The MMT has also created a partnership application for prospective missionaries.  All potential missionaries will also need to have final approval from the EB. Rick made a motion to approve the revised policy and application process; Jared seconded and all were in favor.  Rita Mae will inform the MMT and have the policy manual updated.

Since September Pastor Ryan has been asked to provide leadership to the music ministry and there have been a few growing pains.   There is some work to do in getting more cohesiveness between the teams and successfully implementing the changes.  The EB will work with Ryan and music leadership to provide support as changes continue to be implemented. 

Motion was made to approve payment of three student bursaries out of the designated fund to three congregants.   Jillian Crane - $1000.00; Katelyn Leischner - $1500.00; and Kianna Wiens - $2500.00.  Dave R moved; Rick A seconded and all were in favor.  Cheques were disbursed.

Rita Mae and Scott T. met with Walter Selke from Healing Hearts to discuss the relationship between the two church families.  There is opportunity for renewed health and relationship between the two.  A meal and meeting with the leadership of both churches will be organized as soon as possible.

Preaching schedule for March was organized and Rita Mae will make sure the dates are covered by those invited to speak.

Dave Reddekopp will organize a meeting for Alpha Volunteers in a couple of weeks to see if there is support for delivering a course sometime in 2018.

Kristen Cowman has been invited to a credentialing event in Abbotsford this summer and the EB is prepared to support this through the pastoral personal development budget. 

The Saskatchewan MB conference is in Saskatoon on March 10 and 11th.  For those planning to go please let Heather know so you can be registered.   

Elder Meeting Summary For December 2, 2017

The meeting opened in prayer. Discussion followed on the aspect of “deepest spiritual heart longing” of those present.  Sharing of faith stories and struggles followed.

 There was a review of the pastoral and financial reports.

Tim Thiessen had been responsible to oversee the student bursary process and passed this on to Rita Mae with his upcoming departure.  There was good discussion about the bursary policy and how the current group of 3 applicants would be considered in light of the policy. The elders will prayerfully consider the current bursary policy and it will be discussed in the January meeting.

The Elders board budget was agreed to but there was discussion around how computers are purchased for staff.  Tim T is asking to buy the one he has and there is no computer in place for the new lead pastor when they are selected.  Rick will have a conversation with the FMB about a plan to provide computers for staff into the future and bring a proposal back to the EB.

The PCC overall budget was reviewed and Dave moved acceptance of the budget for 2018, Jared seconded and the motion was passed.

A short discussion took place about the MOU for Pastor Athanase’s salary and a motion was made by Dave “That PCC become the employer of record for Athanase Chiruza for the 14 month period ending December 31, 2018 to facilitate the participation of SKMBC and C2C in matching the ‎PCC-MPC payments towards Athanase’s support; AND that Athanase be moved to a salaried employee structure with all employee benefits, and employer costs, paid from the SKMBC-C2C contributions.” Jared seconded the motion and it was passed.

Responsibilities for the Alpha program have been handed off to Dave from Tim Thiessen and it was agreed that we need a new champion for this to move forward.

Rita Mae and Scott had a discussion with Walter Selke about the continued dialogue between our two bodies and there is interest in having another meal and time of fellowship with their leadership.  There is a desire to continue to strengthen and improve our relationship which is a win-win for both.

With Tim T’s departure at the end of December the Young Adults leadership has expressed interest in continuing to lead the group for the next few weeks.  The EB will invite the leadership to come and talk to the EB to see how they might be able to encourage and support the YA’s going forward. 

Elder Meeting Summary for October 2017

Present: Jared Wiens, Dave R., Rick A., Rita Mae B., and Scott T.

Rita Mae opened the meeting with a passage in psalms and asked us to meditate on it. We were asked to share in what ways have we been invited towards greater rest in the knowledge of the Holy One? What/where do we see indicators of the presence of the Holy Spirit at work here at PCC? The meeting was committed to the Lord.

There was discussion about using funds from the benevolent fund to assist two specific needs in our church family. Faraja Chiruza has been trying to source an additional $1000 to pay higher than expected tuition at Columbia Bible College. Nick and Vivian Helliwell are in need of extra resources to help pay costs since their family expanded after the death of their daughter. They are a household of 12 or 13 and are feeling the strain. There was an appeal for PCC’ers to purchase gift cards and they would be given to them, but the box of gift cards went missing. A motion was made by Dave to provide $1000 to each of these needs out of the benevolent fund, seconded by Rick and carried.

Scott T. raised the issue of pulpit supply once he leaves. It was intended to bring awareness and for the board to consider the likely gap between Scott’s departure at the end of January and the start date of a new lead pastor. The elders are making arrangements for further pulpit supply for the month of February and possibly longer.

Our District Minister, Phil Gunther, reminded PCC elders of the role of the Faith and Life team in assisting us in our search process for lead pastor. The conference has a process which they would like to be included in our own process involving credentialing of any potential candidate. Rick (as search team chair) will connect with Phil G. and ensure the Faith and Life Team is kept in the loop as we continue to search for a lead pastor.

The conference team that is working toward bringing Athanase Chiruza into the conference as a full time pastor has asked the board to consider some ideas about a commissioning service. We want to honor Athanase and celebrate the Mission Pentecostal Congregation as part of us and so we agree that a commissioning event is a good idea and should be coordinated with the conference. Rita Mae/Scott T. will work with Scott Siemens and the conference committee to work out the details. A potential date of Jan. 7th has been proposed. Discussion also occurred surrounding the area of clarity around the supervisory relationship/accountability framework between Athanase and the PCC leadership.

Missions Festival was deemed a success and viewed as encouraging by the elders. It seemed to be well received by the congregation and the stated objective of the weekend was achieved. The financial target was met within 5% and it is expected more funds will come in over the coming weeks. This allows the Missions Committee to fully meet their commitments to our global worker family as well as support local and emergent needs over the next year. It was agreed that it is appropriate that the elders and MMT dream together regarding the future. Scott and Rita Mae will meet with Kathy to begin discussions.

Space challenges continue to be faced during SS on Sundays. Kristen and elders are considering how best to utilize the available space for maximum efficiency.

Our relationship with Healing Hearts has been on the mind of the elders board since the meeting of the two leadership teams a few months ago. Walter Selke raised the issue with Rita Mae when he was here for the Missions Fest. Both groups are wondering what the next steps should be. It is clear from the discussions between the two churches that our relationship is changing. It is important that we put some effort into clearly redefining our relationship and discerning where God might be taking us together. A meeting with core leadership from both sides has been initiated.

Now that Jared has joined the Elders Board we have quorum. A motion was made by Rick to accept the financial and pastoral reports and accept the minutes over the period of August to October. Dave seconded and the motion was carried.

With our meetings moving to the evening from mornings it was agreed that a dedicated time of prayer, which has been part of the Elders meetings when they were happening in the daytime, would be moved to the Sunday ahead of the board meeting. It is an important component of church and board life and we do not want to be fatigued in those times when the regular part of the meeting goes longer. Meeting together as an Elders board for one hour before Sunday School is a better time.

Meeting concluded with prayer,
Submitted by Rita Mae Braun

Elder Meeting Summary for September 2017

Present were: Scott T, and elders Dave R. Rick A. and Rita Mae B.

Rita Mae opened with a welcome and a short reading by Rob Des Cotes. Emphasis was placed on the three manners of speech or language in the church; proclamation (kerygma), teaching (didache) and spiritual direction or paraklesis. Quoting Eugene Petersen, Rob Des Cotes writes that the church needs desperately to come back to that most important parakletic language of obedience, discernment and sanctification. This is a language where we are drawn deeper into the journey of transformation by the power of the Holy Spirit.

There was a brief conversation on financial picture of the church. No pastoral reports to review at this time as we are waiting for quorum with a fourth elder present.

The EB approved the MMT targets for the Missions Festival as presented by their team.

Elders had a lengthy discussion regarding the type of person/senior pastoral leader we might be looking for at PCC.

We as elders agreed that we would be looking for a person who has:

- An Ability to address the change that is needed in our context

- Able to develop a strong team, (not a micro manager, nor an administrator) but one who works within the framework of the team to build a healthy core

- One who is able to bring an emphasis on Discipleship for its adherents

- Someone who is able to work within a multi-ethnic context

- has ‘fresh eyes’ to help us see ways we can live in kingdom ways in this context at this time

- Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

Ages, education, experience to be taken into account but the points above are of ultimate importance

We are open to somebody outside the MB conference (who would of course be willing to be accredited under the MB conference)

**Important question to ask the potential candidate: what are your core values?

The meeting was closed in prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Rita Mae Braun

Elder Meeting Summary for August 2017

Rita Mae opened the meeting with some personal reflections from the summer. Each of us reflected on the summer and how the wonder of God was evident to us. There was a time for prayer for the church family and each other.

There was agreement that the monthly ministry reports from staff should be stored electronically as there is value in keeping this record for reference should they be needed. Rita Mae will ask Heather F. to set up a filing system for them.

This meeting has no quorum due to the resignation of two Elders and there are only three board members in attendance. New Elder Jared Weins will join the EB in October which will establish quorum going forward. Any outstanding motions and approvals can be dealt with at that time.

Discussion about the direction for kids mid week programming led to an adhoc meeting with Kristen Cowman to determine a path forward. At the present time there are not enough volunteers to enable the Wednesday night program to proceed. A meeting will be convened with PCC families affected to discuss next steps as soon as possible. The EB was unanimous in confirming our support for Kristen’s vision for kids’ ministry and agreed to lead the congregational discussion.

Pastor Ryan’s ministry description will be adjusted effective September 1st to reflect 25% of his time in overseeing the worship team ministry to bring better coordination and connection to the message themes each Sunday.

Scott has set out a 10 week service schedule that will be introduced shortly and will have a journal and study component and will also be available for use by Quest groups if desired. More to come over the next couple of weeks.

A discussion was initiated to begin the process of creating a Senior Pastor search committee. It was agreed that the EB will be the main participants with additional members from the congregation. Scott will be a resource supporting the committee. Rita Mae will approach two potential candidates for the committee which Elder Board members suggested. The congregation will be informed that the process to select a new pastor is beginning. Scott will do some preliminary work to prepare for the formation of the committee.

There was a discussion about the plan by the Saskatchewan Mennonite Brethren Conference to over time bring the Mission Pentecostal Church into the MB family and use a shared funding model to pay salary to Athanase Chiruza and bring him on as a conference pastor over time. There was a request from the Financial Management Board to ask the EB opinion on the cost sharing model and how additional costs such as benefits and employment costs be apportioned. Rick will get back to the FMB with our perspective and our concerns about any potential incremental costs beyond the current financial commitment.

The Eritrean fellowship that had requested to meet in our building will no longer be using our facilities. The church where they were renting space decided to lower their rental costs which allowed the Eritreans to stay in that space. They thanked us for our openness and kindness to them and hope to come to see us in the future from time to time.

Elder Meeting Summary for June 2017

The meeting opened with some of Vicki’s remembrances of becoming an elder as well as time spent in the position. The process began five years ago with God’s conviction to love and pray for PCC. The church is the Bride of Christ and we are called to not just be involved and serve, but also to love that which Christ loves. Over the past three years as an Elder, her greatest times of growth have happened during great uncertainty. It was then that the Elders came together, crying out to God for His wisdom. Though the answers were seldom straightforward or expected, they were always good. God is faithful!

The elders are in consultation with the Financial Mgmt. Board regarding emphasizing the possibility of pre-authorized donations as well as adding a donation tab on the website.

Pastoral EDO’s are to be used as soon as workably possible. The intent of an EDO is to provide respite within a short time frame. Motion that EDO’s be used within thirty days. This change was added to the policy manual.

After an overwhelming response at the AGM, the Church of the Living God, an Eritrean congregation, will be invited to use our facility.

The elders will explore creating a joint administrative committee made up of representatives from each congregation utilizing the church, in order to discuss schedules, logistical issues and facility care. In working together, community between congregations is built.

Ryan and Scott have met with worship team leaders and musicians. Attendees recognized the value of having a worship leader. The parameters of this new position remain to be resolved.

The Elders spent time discussing what the elder board should look like, as opposed to people to ask. The elders will pray and meet Tuesday June 20 to discern together.

Scott will speak with the pastors seeking their input regarding how to address the concern brought up at the AGM about unsupervised gym time. He will also garner input from the pastors about a possible church dedication, with a special invitation to the contractors.

Elder Meeting Summary for May, 2017

Present: Betty Russell, Rita Mae Braun, Vicki Clarke, Dave Reddekopp, Scott Tolhurst

The meeting opened with words from Psalm 69. This is a Psalm that alternates between despair and hope. Yet those with hopeful, humble spirits see God at work. God does not despise the captive. He does not despise us in our captivity (v.33). Those who love his name shall dwell in it (v.36)!

Scott T. presented the summary from the April 30 Table Talks. A common theme is one of diversity. There was overlap between table groups within the area of stewardship, particularly regarding the building and land. Another dominant theme was a desire for fresh Spirituality. Is God inviting us to a place (a service) of repentance? If He is, what would that look like?

The elders along with Scott discussed the need for worship leadership for our congregation (be it pastoral staff or volunteer lay person). A worship leader would provide cohesion (a sense of uniformity) between Sunday morning services and worship teams, would work with the office in providing oversight to spiritual themes within the service, and would equip worship teams in developing giftedness in leading worship. Please pray into this as we seek guidance in this area of our community of faith.

With respect to Pastor Athanase and Mission Pentecostal Church’s desire to be affiliated with Sask. MB conference, consideration for Pastor Athanse’s salary framework is being considered at the C2C and SKMB level. The Elder Board and MMT have proposed that, God providing, we commit to a sliding scale of 12,000$/ 10,000$ and 8,000$ for his salary over the next 3 years to be raised at Missions Festival events.

Les Engen would like the church to consider moving into the area of sponsorship of refugees under the umbrella of MCC. Before any steps are taken investigation and research must be done to be well prepared for sponsorship requests. The EB and MMT are in conversation about this possibility. At this point it is only at the point of investigation; nothing has been decided.

The Church of the Living God, an Eritrean congregation, has asked to rent our facility for their worship services. The EB continues to pray and discern regarding this request. The congregation will be asked to comment at the AGM.

As part of our June AGM meeting there will be a discussion about the need for Elders. We thank Vicki Clarke and Betty Russell for their tremendous, valuable commitment to the elder board. Both are moving on to other commitments. How do we fill this vacuum in leadership? Or is God calling us to new structures/ models? Please pray with us.

AGM June 12, 2017 @ 7pm.

Thank you for your prayers, Rita Mae Braun, EB chair

Elder's Board Summary April, 2017

Present: Betty Russell, Rita Mae Braun, Vicki Clarke, Dave Reddekopp, Scott Tolhurst

The meeting opened with words from 2 Corinthians 1:15-22. In Jesus the answer is always yes, and yet we often feel the no’s and delays. So the challenge is what is God saying yes to? God is always saying yes to His purposes and plans; He who has begun a good work in you will complete it. God is working all things together for good. There is fullness in what Jesus intends for us. What are God’s ‘yeses’ at PCC? Are we patient enough to wait for His yes?

Scott T. was asked to meet with worship leaders asking for their reflections about changes that have occurred during worship services over Lent.

Scott presented plans for April 30 ‘Table Talks’. May God raise to the surface those unique things at PCC that beat for Him. In May, leadership will meet to discuss findings.

Vicki and Betty will not be remaining on the EB next year. Numerous people have been asked but they have not felt lead to serve in this way. Is this indicating that God has new ideas for our Elder’s Board and/or the structures we have in place?

The Church of the Living God, an Eritrean congregation, is looking for a place to worship. They have approached the Elder Board and we have heard their stories of new found faith in spite of persecution in Eritrea. What would God have us do? This will be discussed further with pastors and congregation at our June AGM.

Pastor Athanase and MPC have asked to be affiliated with Sask. MB conference. MMT and EB are in the process of discerning financial commitment towards Pastor Athanase and his ministry and how this fits into PCC’s future direction. C2C is also considering their commitment.

A letter to committee chairs has been sent regarding continuing commitment of themselves and their committee members for next year. Many have responded positively to the request and we praise God for that.

The Elders are excited that Pat Reddekopp has agreed to chair the Educational Resources committee. Nicole Dressler has agreed to also serve on this ctte.

Respectfully submitted,
R. M. Braun

Elder’s Board Summary March 16, 2017

Present: Betty Russell, Rita Mae Braun, Vicki Clarke, Dave Reddekopp, Scott Tolhurst

The meeting opened with words from Hebrews 2:1-4 with a reminder that “we don’t drift towards holiness. We drift towards compromise. Our life with God requires attention and intentionality”.

During Lent Pastor Ryan will give leadership to our worship teams. Thank you to our worship teams for their flexibility and also to Jolene Jahnke and her team for decorating our sanctuary for Lent and Easter.

Beginning next month, the way in which our pastors report to the elders will change slightly. Rather than reporting just on their performance during the month or on hours spent on various activities, they will answer questions which reflect more of the heart and vision of their ministry.

The Elders excitedly endorse Kristen Cowman’s (Director of Children’s Ministry) idea of having a soccer camp this summer in lieu of VBS. Athletes in Action will give direction. This camp will be seen as one that will sow the seed for other ministries of the church in the future.

The Elders affirmed an amended motion from the Financial Management Board concerning facility rentals for our PCC staff.

The Church of the Living God, an Eritrean congregation, is looking for a place to worship. We as elders are in the process of determining how this fits with God’s leading and guiding for our church. Tensions resulting from change are easier to handle when we know where we are going.

Mission Pentecostal Church, (under the leadership of Pastor Athanase,) has asked to be affiliated with SKMB conference. Ongoing discussions are also happening regarding full-time ministry and remuneration for Pastor Athanase under C2C, MPC, SKMB, and PCC. The Elders continue to discern how this fits into PCC’s direction.

Mission Pentecostal Church will begin the transition from the current full financial integration toward a separate MPC Ministry Fund. Scott Siemens will work with their leadership team as mentor to MPC regarding governance.

Mennonite Trust Ltd. will come to PCC to give a presentation on Wills for young families and singles or those who want to update their Wills.

A Motion was made to amend our policy on “Honorariums” in the procedure manual.

Next meeting April 10, 2017 @ 8:30

Respectfully submitted,
Rita Mae Braun

Elders Board Summary for February 2017

Present: Betty Russell, Rita Mae Braun, Vicki Clarke, Dave Reddekopp

The meeting opened with discussion about hearing the voice of God. There are times when we believe that God’s leading is indicated by circumstances and details being miraculously worked out. Sometimes this is the case, but sometimes God does not guide via circumstances. During times like that, we are required to learn what the ‘voice of God’ sounds like. Within PCC we are hearing the yearning to know the voice of God in a deeper, fuller way. Openness to the Holy Spirit is exemplified in our graciousness to each other while we move through this time of transition of heart and of modes of operation.

The elders accepted the FMB’s motion to accept the capital asset policy. The policy will need to be added to the financial section of the PCC procedure manual during the next update.

Amendments were made to the Safety Policy at PCC regarding leader to child ratio, criminal record checks and volunteer ratio protocol.

The MMT is looking for input regarding forward planning in regards to PCC’s partnership with Healing Hearts. A joint meeting between the MMT and the EB will be held to discuss our joint partnership and make further strides forward.

Pastoral performance appraisals are scheduled for late February and early March.

The SKMB Faith and Life Team has met with Kristen and sent a letter to the Elders regarding her credentialing process and their recommendations.

A Motion was made to approve the following delegates to SKMB Assembly: Randy Chase, Ron Dyck, Dave Reddekopp, Kristen Cowman, Rita Mae Braun and Stephanie Chase. Guests are Ruby Quiring, Myrna Chase, Ben Cowman, Garry Braun and Scott Tolhurst. Tim Thiessen will be attending as a member and representative of a conference team.

The pastors have suggested that once every 3 months the Elders and Pastors meet to discuss PCC body life. The Elders are excited about and fully endorse this idea.

Rita Mae and Vicki will work on an email to the chairs of PCC committees regarding 2017 volunteers, asking the chairs to think about committee member’s future involvement with particular thought to each one’s spiritual gifts.

We thank God for you, our PCC family, submitted by Rita Mae Braun

Elders Board Summary for January 2017

Present: Betty Russell, Rita Mae Braun, Vicki Clarke, Dave Reddekopp

Our meeting was opened with a reading from Genesis 17: 1-8, the story of Abram being called to a new place. Oswald Chambers in “My Utmost for His Highest” suggests that the greatest enemy of the life of faith in God is good choices that are not quite good enough. We need to let God make choices in our lives so that we don’t settle for good when God has the best for us. We prayed and shared about how we are seeing God moving us at PCC.

In order for a transitional pastor to be on the CCMBC (Cdn. Conference of MB churches) benefit plan there must be a reasonable expectation that he will be at PCC for a year. After considerable discussion, the elders feel that, in recognizing the uncertainty of God’s work and timeline for our church, it is reasonable to assume that a transitional pastor would need to be at PCC for a year.

On Sunday January 29 after church there will be a potluck ‘welcome’ with the elders, pastors and Scott Tolhurst.

The Elders affirm both of the following motions, which have been moved and carried by the FMB. Motion 1: “motion that PCC adopt the attached support staff compensation grids for both administrative and custodial workers. Ongoing adjustments and changes to the proposed grid would be part of the regular FMB duties. "
Motion 2: "motion that we recommend to the Elder board a new staff benefit of $1000/year toward facility rentals for direct use of themselves or their immediate family. This benefit would be included on the Salary & Benefit MOU for 2017. "

A meeting took place January 12 regarding the new coffee space and library resources. The south wall will house a bank of books in the new coffee room. It was suggested that a shelving unit of teen books be placed in the youth room. (We will ask Ryan about this idea.) We are looking for volunteers to serve on the resource materials committee.

Rita Mae has contacted three individuals about being elders. Be in prayer about who God desires to lead in this way.

Rita Mae and Vicki will work on an email to the chairs of PCC committees regarding 2017 volunteers, asking the chair to think about committee member’s future involvement with particular thought to each ones’ spiritual gifts.

Pastoral appraisals need to be completed by the end of February. Randy, Tim and Ryan have all indicated that they would appreciate congregational input. The elders discussed questions to be circulated to congregants.

Monday, February 27, 2017 is the Annual Stewardship Meeting.

We appreciate your prayers, Rita Mae Braun

Elders Board Summary for October - December 2016

As we reflect on the past few months, once again we give praise to God for His faithfulness. We continue to rejoice in His sufficiency for each day.

Our devotional times have been rich as scripture is shared with one another. Psalm 11:4 “He has made wonderful works to be remembered.” Malachi 3:16 “Then those who feared the Lord heard and listened.” Considerable time has been spent in prayer thanking God for His wonderful work at PCC. God has heard and listened as we have cried out for a moving of His Spirit at PCC. 2 Timothy3: 16&17 challenges us to be fully equipped for every good work as we wait for greater works of God’s Spirit in our body.

Rita Mae challenged us with a devotional from the book, the Intrusive Word, which speaks of the church’s claim of being a steady overcoming of death. God gives true life. The power of our culture and sin are like death, but the Spirit brings life. May we as people of God choose life over the things we think bring us life.

Praise God for the baptism service on Oct 23rd where Trina Wiens was baptized.

Karen Crane has agreed to Chair Women’s Ministries. Rick Ashton and Jared Wiens have agreed to join the MMT.

Pastors Tim and Ryan are both considering further education. Tim would pursue a Doctorate of Ministry degree and Ryan a Master of Arts, Leadership and Management.

A motion was passed that Professional Development be set at $2000 per pastor per year with one weeks salaried pay. Approval for Professional Development depends on the health and availability of the church’s financial resources, as well as the number of requests made each year. Part-time pastoral requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Each pastor has been encouraged to engage in an annual week long spiritual retreat to rejuvenate their walk with God. This is considered a work week, with the expectation to spend this time seeking after God’s desires for their lives and ministry.

A motion was affirmed that PCC grant a “Denominational School” bursary to Faraja Churiza who will be attending Columbia Bible College beginning in January.

The challenges of the van ministry have been discussed. We thank God for those who have taken on this ministry, recognizing that with increased numbers of those needing rides it requires a lot of coordination. We also recognize the challenge this presents to the Sunday School teachers and appreciate how they adapt to the needs of the children.

A Christmas Eve service and a Christmas Day service will be held. Beginning January, Pastors Tim and Ryan will co-lead a parent/youth SS series.

Discussion has been held in relation to the library books in the C-Can. A meeting to discuss the meeting room/coffee space/library resources will be held on Jan 17th @7pm. All interested parties are urged to attend this meeting.

The 2017 budget proposal was affirmed. The Annual Stewardship Meeting will be held Monday, February 27th, 2017.

Thank you to everyone who completed the L2L survey. We appreciated the meeting we had with Dave Jackson and the results he shared with us. As your elders, we have unanimously sensed the Spirit leading us in the direction of a transitional pastor. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

June 10-11th will be a celebration of the 75th anniversary of the MB church in Regina. Peter Suderman Jr. is chairing this committee consisting of Donna Suderman, Rob and Wendy Sawatzky, Jim Slough and Janice Parke. Thank you for the work you are doing.

As 2016 comes to a close we give praise to God for all that He has done and continues to do. Our prayer for each of you is taken from Philippians 1:9-11 “…that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ--to the glory and praise of God.”

Respectfully submitted,
Betty Russell