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About Us

Parliament Community Church (PCC) is a group of Christ followers seeking to raise up healthy disciples who live, love and serve like Jesus through gathered worship, participation in Quest Groups and service.

Checking out a church can be quite an unnerving experience – new place, new people, new things going on. We at PCC understand this and are seeking to make every newcomer’s time with us as welcoming as possible. We dress casually, like coffee and have things for your family to do if you are bringing one. In our Sunday morning service we have a team of musicians and singers who lead us in singing a few songs, we take an offering from regular adherents to support our ministries and finally, we have a pastor speak to us from the Bible. Our Sunday worship celebration normally goes from 10:45 – 12 noon.

If you are searching spiritually, we invite you to ask our staff and/or leaders questions about our faith convictions and practices.  if you are seeking a new start we invite you to soak in our community life and learn about what we do here.   We ask you to stick-for-six; join us for at least six weeks so that you get a good feel for us and our ways. At any time, if this seems like a good home for you, please connect with our staff and/or leaders about the next steps in joining us in our mission.

Our times of gathered worship Sunday mornings are intended to help us connect with God as well as, pause and reflect upon the past week and get re-charged for the upcoming one.  We want you to feel comfortable during these worship times and so please feel free to participate as your heart leads you. 

Who Are We?

Parliament Community Church is a Mennonite Brethren community of faith established in 1942 and affiliated with the Saskatchewan Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches and the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches.

What Are Our Values?

  • Understanding & applying God's Word
  • Experiencing life together as a community of faith
  • Authentically worshipping God
  • Serving in the church and in the world

What Is Our Mission?

To raise up healthy disciples who live, love and serve like Jesus.

What Is Our Discipleship Pathway?

GATHER disciples together for authentic worship

Plug disciples into GROWTH groups

Call disciples to GO and serve in their church, their community and the world

What Do We Believe?

We believe in God as eternal Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God created and sustains the universe. The eternal purpose of God the Father is to create a people who will bring glory to God forever. God alone is worthy of worship.

We believe that God became human in Jesus Christ. Jesus came to restore the world because humans have rejected God in disobedience. Jesus taught and modeled the way of God’s kingdom. He died on the cross, making it possible for us to accept a renewed relationship with God. He rose from the dead, broke the power of sin and death, and frees us to live in obedience to God’s will.

We believe that God the Holy Spirit invites all people to be reconciled with God and to join the global family of faith. Believers confess their faith, are baptized, and join in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and guided by the Bible, members of the church seek to live as followers of Christ and invite others to experience this new life.

As Christians we are called to turn:

  • from ignorance of God to a personal relationship with God
  • from bondage of sin and past mistakes to freedom, forgiveness, and healing
  • from individualism to interdependence with others in the local church
  • from lifestyle choices that harm us, others, and the earth to choices that nurture wholeness, healing, joy and peace
  • from hating enemies and ignoring neighbours to showing love and justice to all
  • from loving possessions to sharing with all in need
  • from aimless existence to a mission of representing and proclaiming God’s kingdom on earth.

As Christians we look forward to the day when God will once again send Jesus to bring all things under God’s eternal rule.




Opportunities to Serve

Are you wondering about serving and where you fit in the church?  Serving in one of our ministry areas is a great way to meet new people and build the body of Christ. Here are some common questions people often have in this area:

  1. Is there a place to serve (volunteer) that matches my gifts, passions, abilities, personality and experiences?
  2. I’d like to serve, but I don’t know where the needs are?
  3. I’d like to serve but I’m not sure what my “spiritual gifts” are?  Actually…I’m not entirely sure what spiritual gifts are?
  4. Do I even have anything to offer? (many people often feel inadequate)

One of the best ways to begin this journey is to just start serving!  Find a ministry area that interests you, or has a need, and dive in.  Serving will give you a way to discover and test what fulfills you, what you are good at, and also what drains you or what you are not as good at.  As you are serving, others will begin to see and affirm things in you that will help you in this journey.

More Information?

If you would like to receive more information about PCC feel free to Contact Us