What's Your Shape?

We all want to contribute. We want to make a difference in the world around us. Whatever impact we might offer grows out of our passions, experience and gifting. All of that seems simple enough, but frankly many times we wrestle to understand our unique contribution.

A seminar will be held on October 13th and 14th entitled “What’s Your Shape.”  We will discuss the Biblical teaching of our unique giftedness and explore the practical implication of the way God has shaped each of us. We hope you can come on Friday evening 7-9pm and Saturday morning 9am- 12pm.


 Shaped by the Hands of God

Friday, October 13, 7pm and Saturday, October 14, 9am

@PCC Fireside Room

By nature we are builders. Look around your house and you will find Lego constructions, crafty creations and a basement project almost completed. We can explain what it takes to renovate a room, design a rock landscape or how to make a garden grow. Still, we struggle to understand the formation of what is most precious to us - our souls. How does a soul grow? Through October and November, we will focus on the growth and development of our deepest natures. Why? Because our projects and crafts will be left behind. We take our souls into eternity.