Welcome Home Varcoes

Notes on the Gift Tree
The gifts given on Saturday evening will be provided by people, based on a list of items that the Varcoe’s have requested.

A ‘Gift Tree’ with leaves on it that reflect these items will be in the PCC foyer.  People are encouraged to look at these leaves and pick one that they can buy for the Varcoe’s.

Items on the Giving Tree
Hand towels
Toaster Oven
Coffee Maker
Ironing Board
Hammer & Nails
Drill (impact/adj. speed/torque)
Socket Set

(If you have purchased any of these items, please let the office know so this list can be updated).

Please bring your gift to the Dessert Social on September 23.

Dessert Social
@ #PCCRegina Gymnasium
Saturday, September 23,  7– 9pm

Please bring a dessert to share.  Some ideas are pie, chesse cake, poke cake, fruit flan, etc.

  1. Introduction and welcome

  2. Dessert and coffee time

  3. Game – “So you think you’re a Translator”

  4. Kerry and Kathy sharing time / Q&A

  5. Devotional – Jared

  6. Game – “Two Truths and a Lie”

  7. Presentation of gifts

Worship Service
Sunday, September 24, 10:45am

  1. Kerry and Kathy will be introduced to #PCCRegina and we will pray for them.

  2. Kerry and Kathy will share their story of their time on the Babar islands

  3. Presentation to Varcoe’s