#PCCRegina Sponsors the Following Global and Local Workers

Matt & Ruth (Winnipeg, MB)

Serving with MB Mission to coordinate projects in Central Asia, support our global workers around the world, and develop new missional leaders in Central Canada.

September at a Glance

October 2, 2017

What's up in Winnipeg

This September has brought with it clearer and more defined job descriptions for both of us, following our annual review this summer. We have had the opportunity to be a part of so many different aspects of ministry and have invested in many different programs during this past year as we have figured out what roles God has for us in the Central Canada office and how we can best use our gifitings and experience here. We continue to feel that God has very significant and specific plans for us with MB Mission and it is our joy to continue in partnership with this organization as well as with all of you, our faithful supporters and partners in what God is doing here and around the world. We are so thankful for your continued prayers, encouragement, and financial support as we jump into another year of ministry!

We would like to share our new position titles with you and give you a better idea of what we will each be focusing on in the coming year. As always, we'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have!

Media Coordinator and Ministry Support (Matt)

I will be working with media teams, both locally and globally, in order to tell stories of what God is doing around the world. I will continue to manage Epik Encounter as we develop new initiatives that provide legitimacy to those on the mission field and support to short term mission projects. I will also be working with our team in Central Canada as we train and mobilize new missional leaders. Another aspect of my role will be resourcing our MB churches as they connect with, support, and care for their missionaries.

Hospitality and Communications Coordinator (Ruth)

I will be working to foster a welcoming atmosphere and optimal functionality in each of our programs and events. It is my goal that each of our program participants, staff members, international workers, guest speakers, and visitors will feel empowered, valued, and cared for by our office. I will also be helping to increase communication, awareness and prayer support for the international missionaries from our region as well as writing articles and materials to contribute to our various MB correspondence outlets (Unplugged, Witness, Daily Prayer Guide). 

A Bit About the Brauns

Abbie and Caleb have enjoyed the first month at their new school. They have great teachers and classmates and are adjusting to the 30 minute bus ride, hallway lockers with combination locks, the absence of recess, and everything else that comes with middle school. Abbie is playing volleyball and continuing her hip hop dance classes this year and Caleb will be playing indoor soccer. The kids are excited to have boys club and youth group start up again as well. As a family, we have enjoyed getting more involved in our church this fall, with Matt helping to run the sound board during services, Ruth has taken on a Caregiver role and is on the Life Group Committee, and Abbie is helping out with the 2-year-old Sunday School class. We are also leading an 8-week study on Wednesday evenings focused on MB Conference's Discipleship Map material. Matt had the opportunity to speak at the MCI Christian Life Retreat for three days last week, which focused on developing community and reconciling with God, others, and ourselves. We have enjoyed getting into new rythms and routines this fall and it feels really nice to be doing things 'again' rather than for the first time, like last year. While, in some ways, our transition journey still continues, we now have a sense of being rooted and established here in Winnipeg and we truly feel at home, which is no small thing. 


  • We praise God for leading us into fall routines that feel hopeful and grace-filled.
  • We are so thankful for enthusiastic teachers and caring friends for our children!
  • Praise God for our wonderful church family!
  • Praise God for a great time of training and orientation for our global servant families! Please pray for them as they prepare to travel to their ministry locations (Thailand and Mexico) in the coming weeks and as they serve and live there as families this winter.
  • Pray for wisdom, guidance, and energy as we pour into our new ministry positions this year.


Matt speaking at Westwood MB Church
October 15

Matt and Ruth speaking at Manitou Youth Retreat
October 27-29

Storytelling Workshop (Abbotsford)
October 30-31



Phil & Carol Bergen (Burkina Faso)  

 Serving with MB Missions among our adopted people group, the Nanerige; team leadership, church planting. 


Greetings from Salinas, CA where we are currently at the breakfast table with our daughter Maria and baby Zeke.  As you guess from our newsletter, the last couple months since leaving Burkina have been very full for us!  And after our son’s John-Mark’s wedding, I started a class called Biblical Interpretation II at FPU seminary; all our reading and papers are due in week, so I’m in the midst of “crunch time”!  Meanwhile, Phil has got some weeks set aside for doing some writing, so we’re both doing our best to keep our noses to the grindstone.

We are sending this newsletter large enough for you to zoom in on the pictures and get a better look.  We’ve tried up to 300% and it worked ok.  Enjoy.  We sure did! 

May you be encouraged by Phil’s stories in this month’s Blip! 

July Blip


Joel Braun (Regina)

Serving with Healing Hearts Ministries; operates True Wheels, a bike repair shop, as a means to reach community youth.


Richard & Hazel Funk (Austria)

Serving with MB Mission, Member Care facilitators to missionaries in Europe and Central Asia; mentoring, teaching, and discipling Austrian church leaders.

September Update

Dear Friends!

Thank you for praying.  How often have you heard people say… “God might let us wait but His timing is best”?  How do you feel when you have to wait?  I often feel impatient and have doubts whether this or that will really work out.  We have asked you to pray for the two families from MB mission that settled into Linz and are now a part of our team.  They have both received their visas.  Praise the Lord.  Saturday morning during our team meeting, we prayed for the children as they were starting school on Monday.  Two of them did not yet know where they would be attending.  We prayed!!  Sunday morning, they received an email that the two daughters should come to the International school on Monday morning and they could start there!  What an answer to prayer.  

Our main prayer request is for guidance as we prepare for our Mina (Ministry in NA) from January to May, 2018.  As we plan our church visits and travels we need God’s perfect timing.  God sees the total picture and we do not.  We are in the process of looking at our calendars and making contacts to our Mission and churches.  Praise God that we again have a place to live.  We did a house swap with a man from Saskatoon 4 years ago on our last Mina and will be in his house again this time and he at our place, here in Austria.  We are so thankful.  Christmas will be spent with our children in Canada this year and we are looking forward to that!  Of course, we will miss our families here!!

Thank you again for your prayers and giving.  We hope to see many of you during our stay in Canada.

Blessings and peace to you,

Hazel & Richard



Nick & Vivian Helliwell (Regina)

 Nick & Vivian are faith missionaries serving
Urban First Nations people in Regina, Saskatchewan.
As founding members of the Healing Hearts community,
Nick & Vivian both actively reach into the community
they came out of over 20 years ago.
In order to supplement their missionary support,
Nick’s ministry to men includes serving as
a half-time chaplain at the Regina Provincial Corrections Centre.
Married in 1995, Nick and his wife Vivian have raised many children over the years,
having been foster parents for over 15 years.

Nobody told me life after 50 would be like this!

Poor cat.  Never saw it coming.  Now I generally speaking I don't like cats, but I can relate to this poor guy.
I went to a promise keepers conference in March where one speaker told us that the 40's were about just surviving, but then the 50's is where us men really hit our stride!  OOORAH! - said I; having just passed over to the right side of life!
I was lining up all those wonderful projects that had lain for so long on the back burners - write a book!  Build me a real man cave!  Grill me some great big steaks while paying some young muscle to clean up my back yard!  I was figuring out how long before Vivian and I had two spare rooms in our home.  Woo Hoo!  She gets a craft room and I get my ....uh... well, whatever it would have been it would have been cool!
Talk about not seeing it coming!
How do you prepare for stuff like this?
One pre-schooler, three elementary (grades 4, 1 and K), five high school kids (in four different high schools)
The difference between this and being a foster parent?  There ain't no worker.  and wherethere ain't no worker, there ain't no help neither.  Some ideas to get help?  3 options: Quit my work and go on welfare.  Option 2: Leave my wife; she would get plenty of help then.  or option 3, surrender my grand kids.  Say What!?!?  I don't know how but God will make a way.  He's got to because them there options just ain't options.

I suppose that its times like this where faith is proved by it's children.  So, as the plaque above my door says:

Send us a mailing address if you would like a fridge photo!

And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.     Romans 5:5


Pastor Madou Traore (Burkina Faso)

Serving alongside the Bergens among the Nanerige people; pastoring, discipling, and leadership development.


Spurgeon & Gina Marie Root (Regina)

Serving with Healing Hearts Ministries. Surgeon is Director of Outreach Ministries. Gina Marie leads worship and abuse recovery groups.


Adam & Angela Sapelak (Spain)

Serving with SEND International; discipleship, logistics, and support.

September 2017


The Summer has ended so we are settling into our new routine:


Adam will continue teaching Sunday School and the discipleship group at church, helping organize the church food bank, taking care of SEND vehicles, organizing this years SEND men's conference, taking care of SEND guest house grounds, etc. Angela will be taking Spanish classes during the mornings as well as caring for Ben and continuing to get to know people in the community.  


Ben spends the week mornings at day care so that Adam can work and Angela can study Spanish. He likes playing with the other kids as well as learning Spanish. He also plays a big role in helping usget to know people in our community! 


Here are a few family pictures from the past couple of months:

Ben LOVES trains and he enjoys setting up all his toys in a row, like a train!


We were able to see Adam's brothers and their families in Sevilla for a few days! 


Ben was able to meet his cousin Connor for the first time.       

He loved hanging out with his uncles, aunts and cousin!   


  Enjoying a walk through the streets of Sevilla. 

   Ben couldn't be happier than when he is being thrown in the air! 


  Ben participated in his first bike race in our town.   

Hanging out with his friend after the bike race!      

 Adam preached in Spanish for the first time this summer. 


Arlene Schroeder (Regina)

Serving with Healing Hearts Ministries; Office Administration, mentorship, and women’s ministries.

How did watermelon come to Arlene's rescue?  Read the August news letter to find out...

August 2017 News Letter


Walter & Cindy Selke (Regina)

Serving with Healing Hearts Ministries. Walter is Executive Director, administering and encouraging staff. Cindy is involved in music and counselling.


Kerry & Kathy Varcoe (Indonesia)



Serving with Wycliffe. Literacy-based community development and scripture translation in the Babar Islands.


Wow!  Thanks for your prayers as we completed the Tela Oral Bible Story set, celebrated it and then moved out of Babar.  Whew!  We have been in Ambon for a couple of weeks now with our Wycliffe colleagues and are working on transitioning out of Indonesia and back to Canada.  In case you get eye strain before you get to the end of the attached letter (!?*) we will be arriving in Vancouver on Tuesday, August 1, and then will work our way to Saskatchewan from there and are looking forward to the Welcome Back Weekend at PCC in September.  Meanwhile, we wish we could send some of this non-stop Ambon rain your way...
See you soon!
Kerry and Kathy 


What are these pictures about? 



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Varcoe Vignette July 2017


Rick & Cheryl Ashton (Latin America & Caribbean)

Serving with Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada; short-term deployments supporting and encouraging missionaries and projects.