Adult Discipleship Classes


Family Matters

Led by Pastor Tim in the Coffee Lounge / Library

This class is designed to build a biblical case and purpose for the family.  Throughout the class we will help all ages of adults develop a heart to see all the generations in the church come together.  Key themes will include: a biblically based framework for the family, how ministry implication has changed for the family over the years, understanding todays youth and young adult culture, youth vs. peer raised, intergenerational vs. multigenerational, offering help to hurting families, and Canada’s changing family faces.  


Living for Jesus - I Peter

Led by Pastor Randy in the Fireside Room

Each Christian in his or her own way is trying to follow Jesus and live a Christian life, and sometimes, to be frank, it can be a confusing and challenging journey.

In this class, entitled, "Living For Jesus," the Apostle Peter teaches that as a people 'born again to a living hope" (1:3), we can live out a character and conduct that pleases Jesus.

Peter will help us answer the question:  "How can we live a holy life, in every sphere of life, that imitates the "Holy One" who has called us to be like Him (1:15-16)?


Hebrews: The Epistle of Better Things

Led by Corey Ziegler in the Gym 

Hebrews is easily one of the most complex and sophisticated books of the New Testament.  Its emphasis on establishing Christ as superior to the Old Testament prophets, law, and covenants make it an incredibly rich text for mining the multiple ways Christ becomes the fulfillment of hoped for promises. 

This class is discussion based, inviting individuals to participate in thinking deeply and discussing the role of Christ in their lives and the historical life of the church.

Among many others important themes/questions will be investigated such as:

The role of the Old Testament in our lives

The challenge of Christ to the Hebrew people and to us today 

Expanding our concepts around inerrancy of scripture

How might we faithfully live out sabbath 

The meaning/significance of the new covenant

Who was Melchizedek and what does it mean to become part of the priesthood of believers