Adult Discipleship Classes


There are two conversations that need to be brought together. Much of the conversation at work, school, media and locker rooms is about sexuality. Much of the conversation at church, small groups or Bible study is about everything but sexuality! Our churches are silent about sexuality. Our world is silent about spirituality.  As I said, these conversation need to be harmonized. Join us for a 5 week discussion in which we seek to bring them together and break our silence.

May 7 -  It’s time we talked
May 14 -  We’re Magnetic
May 21 -  No ADC - Victoria Day Long Weekend
May 28 - serve day
June 4 - Sexual Singles 
June 11 Sex in a Broken World


"God uses song in His Word to convey profound truths about His nature, His love, and His people.  And while we cannot access the joyous melodies or mournful harmonies that accompanied the words of the Psalms during Israel's ancient history, we can still feel the emotion and can feed on the rich teaching that each psalm carries, in ways that suit any season of our lives."

The last Adult Discipleship Class will be Sunday, June 11.  Stay tuned for the fall classes being offered.