June 11 - Metanoia
The Greek scholars among us (which may be a dwindling crowd) know that Metanoia means a "change of mind.” It’s not a rare word in Greek nor is it especially religious. It was a common expression to describe a common experience. When you find the word in the New Testament it is translated as “repentance.”  That is a word we have loaded with lots of religious significance and some mis-understanding. This week we will explore some of our mis-perceptions about “repentance.” Who knows? We may even experience a metanoia about it.
June 18 - A Call To Repentance
This week we will present ourselves before God in a specific fashion. We want to recognize our needs and hope His abundance of grace. If naming our need is the beginning of change, then leaning upon Christ is the fulfillment. 
June 25 - Fresh Starts - Commissioning of Clarkes